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"Fernanda Cappello" Wine Jellies
The wine jelly is a product that can be compared to a good jam, but realized with the wine. Our recipe calls for the use of our wine of the highest quality, with the addition of sugar and pectin, a long and slow boiling so as to evaporate all the alcohol in the wine, giving it a proper density. It is then allowed to cool and dosed in special sterilized jars …
The jelly thus obtained maintains the delicate organoleptic characteristics and the typical aromas of the wine used.
Traminer Jelly
With its typical aromatic quality enhances the flavour of fresh and mildly seasoned cheeses, like the typical "Asin" or Salty Cheese, the Caciotta and Montasio cheese of various ages.
Sauvignon Jelly
It gives sweetness to the more flavourful cheese as the Montasio Stravecchio cheese, but is also excellent combined with blue cheeses in general, with typical cheeses of our region, such as the "Formadi Frant" or "Formai dal CjT," but it also expresses an interesting character with Parmigiano Reggiano, with mature pecorino cheeses and with Provolone, ... we recommend it even with the Raw Fish.

Cabernet Jelly
Classic pairing with cheeses, but the real discovery is the pairing with cold cuts of game, with the Soppressa salami, the "Musetto", the Knuckle and yet with second courses like pork loin, boiled meats or game like venison tenderloin or wild boar steaks, where the jelly adds and complements the taste sensations of each dish.
When to drink
The wine jellies replace the honey in the combinations, therefore they accompany cheeses and cold cuts of game.
The jellies can be used on cakes with ricotta cheese or tasted after a meal on a slice of bread or flatbread. To serve them at the table, use a small container or a glass or ceramic little bowl, a knife to spread it on the dish to accompany. Do not overdo in the amount, the jelly must be like an "apostrophe" on the cheese, on the salami or on the dish that you are enjoying.