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Pinot Nero Friuli DOC Grave
The Pinot Noir, which is considered the most noble and elegant wine  within all the red grapes variety  in the world, is one of the most ancient grapes which we have historical information and it is believed that in its  land of origin, Burgundy, it was cultivated since over  2,000 years, before the Romans’ invasions.In Italy, most precisely in South Tyrol, the variety was  described, for the first time, in 1838 and it arrived in Friuli Venezia Giulia only few decades later.The term "Pinot" derives from the French "Pin" which means "Pine". The bunch is, in fact, small and compact; its berries have a fine and delicate skin and are placed very close toeach other.  As a whole, they look like a pine cone. This is a typical characteristic for all the Pinot variety.
Tasting Notes
With a ruby red color with garnet reflections, pinot noir is the quintessence of elegance and finesse.The bouquet is very delicate, enchanting, balsamic and emphasize all its remarkable complexity.
 It’s very pleasing to the palate with an elegant tannin, all to confirm the same perfume noticed at the nose. However it’s possible  to identify them better and discover a typical Mediterranean characteristic with notes of black pepper, myrtle, wild strawberry, currant, a fragrance of violet and it leaves a light and pleasant vanilla flavor.It is very persistent and  it gives freshness and minerality typical of our territory.
Pinot Nero Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
Excellent with white meat roast and  as well with fish fillets. Its strength is on its ability to cut the fats and pair with many kind of foods without covereven the most delicate flavors. One tip: choose dishes that are not too elaborate or rich and avoid the spicy which willburn its elegant charm.