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The Wine Cellar
A space which is continually evolving, where the grapes become wine, where wine becomes the pleasure of taste. The product of lengthy work in the vineyard follows a path which is largely mechanized, and is constantly checked by highly qualified people.

The cellars of the Fernanda Cappello estate incorporate modern technology, temperature-controlled steel barrels, machines for processing the grapes and treating the wine, sophisticated and advanced instruments to check that every phase of the wine-making process happens in a precise and natural way. There are also wooden and oak barrels which bring out the flavours and the bouquet during the ageing process.

Despite modern technology it is still the human touch which makes a quality wine stand out: because of this, over time, we have been happy to benefit from the help of experts and professionals such as: the wine technicians Fabio Coser and the agronomist Enea De Ponte.

The cellars are today also a place to buy both bottled wine and wine by the litre: and the wine bar is a pleasant area to try out typical Friuli products, which, when necessary, can also be changed into a space for cultural events and parties.

The grapes are picked mechanically in the early morning, and are destalked and allowed to ferment for around 8 days in temperature-controlled automatic fermenters. Next comes ageing in stainless steel tanks and 500-litre oak barrels.

The grapes are harvested mechanically in the early morning. The grapes are quickly cooled to a low temperature and allowed to macerate at a controlled temperature for a certain time, so as to extract the aromatic components of the skins.

A light pressing follows and the must obtained is cleared by static decantation. Fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature of 17°/18° in stainless steel containers. At the end of the fermentation the wine is allowed to rest on the lees for at least six months.
The Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine CellarThe Wine Cellar