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Aromatic Traminer Friuli DOC Grave
Friuli, long a land of conquest and domination: one of the presences that undoubtedly went on for longest and left a mark in the history of the region is the Habsburg domination, during which Friuli enjoyed a marked development from an agricultural and wine-producing perspective. Traminer, which is indeed a grape of Habsburg-Germanic origin, was imported into Friuli during the time of Austrian rule. It can be found both on sloping and flat ground, which is also thanks to the plant's natural resistance to disease and the quality of the product which it manages to produce.
Tasting Notes
In the glass it has a full, golden yellow colour. If brought close to the nose, there is an intense bouquet of oriental scents: rose petals, roselle, ginger, black tea, with underlying fresh citrus tones.

The palate if presented with a play of flavours and sensations already recognised in the nose, with a good, clean finish which calls for another taste.
Aromatic Traminer  Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
An aromatic wine, very versatile, which can be drunk both as an aperitif and with the "antipasto", with first courses or light soups, grilled bluefish or shellfish - which it suits particularly well - and even young cheeses.