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Ribolla Gialla IGT Venezia Giulia
The autochthonous vine par excellence can be considered in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is the oldest, boasting over 700 years of history. Ribolla owes its name to a peculiar characteristic: in the past, the high content of malic acid in its musts, after having finished the primary fermentation, made the wine "boil again" because of the secondary "malolactic" fermentation.
Tasting Notes
The colour is straw-yellow with slight greenish reflections.
To the nose is fresh and delicate, complex, fine.
It is floral, reminiscent of wildflowers, fruity, has hints of green apple with citrus notes, slightly vegetal with hints of green tea, mineral.
To the palate it is pleasantly acid, light, the sensations perceived on the nose can be recognized, it is sapid and shows a marked minerality. The finish is long, persistent.
Ribolla Gialla IGT Venezia Giulia
When to drink
Its freshness and pleasantness makes it excellent as an aperitif.
It is ideal with battered vegetables, flans, vegetarian dishes, soups, especially velvety cream of asparagus or mushrooms, dishes based on raw fish and crustaceans