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Sauvignon Friuli DOC Grave
The Sauvignon Blanc grape has its origins in south-west France in the Loire and Bordeaux regions and is also a part of the famous Sauternes-Barsac dessert wine. Its name derives from the French words “sauvage” (wild) and “blanc” (white) because of its orgins as a native, white grape.

Currently it is one of the most widely drunk wines in the world, and the grape is grown in France, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Italy and California and has perceptibly different characteristics according to the different climatic conditions.
Tasting Notes
In the glass it has a straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections.
It has a very elegant and complex nose: at first it emits strong aromas of elder, sage, tomato leaves, green peppers and mint. Later white peach flesh, tropical fruit, passion fruit, grapefruit and sweet osmanthus flowers can be perceived.
It feels soft and full to the palate, it is quickly pleasant and welcoming, with a long-lasting mineral savoury taste, seductive because of its aromatic persuasiveness and expressivity, and all the aromatic notes come out.
Sauvignon  Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
Sauvignon Blanc is a very food-friendly wine: fantastic with both cold and hot, or steamed, fish "antipasti", cold smoked fish "carpaccio", oysters and also with sliced smoked meats.

It is the only wine recognised as going well with sushi and sashimi. It goes with any first or second dish based on fish or shellfish, even when stewed, white meats such as veal, chicken and rabbit. It goes magnificently with all aromatic dishes, those containing tomatoes, peppers, coriander, raw garlic, strong smells such as smoked products or goat cheese. In Friulian cuisine, the ideal accompanying dishes are asparagus risotto, gnocchi with ricotta cheese and mint, eggs and asparagus, "sclopit" soup and wild herb omelettes.
Combination according to season: mushrooms.