The Magredi Stones
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The Magredi Stones
"Magredo" means "terra magra" ("poor land"), that is to say dry and lacking water because of the stones, which in the summer changes to become a landscape similar to some desolate heath lands of southern Italy, or the continental steppes of Eastern Europe.

It is the gravel deposits of the Cellina and Meduna which give rise to a series of alluvial cones which, from the foot of the mountains, spread towards the plain, showing itself as an enormous white stain at the middle of the territory of Pordenone.

The alluvial deposits from these streams represent the main framework of the high plain and the substrate on which the "magredi del Cellina" ("Cellina poor lands") exist.

These have a pre-Alpine feel and, because of their original natural content and environmental importance, have recently been included in the list of European “Sites of Community Importance”, recognized by the European Union.

The “magredi del Cellina-Meduna” are situated in the western part of the high Friulian plain and drape themselves along gravelly terrain which links the mountain foothills to the line of the Risorgive (resurgent rivers). It is certainly the stones (“claps” in Friulian) that are the most characteristic element of the "magredi", that from which the exceptional uniqueness of this environment is derived, its particular microclimate and the resulting flora and fauna of its landscape. It is the stones, as big as pumpkins, which – because they are permeable – make the water disappear, to then re-emerge in the Risorgive area. It is the stones that enrich the fruit of this land with minerals, giving a special tone to the wines from this area. The shape of a stylized stone is also the shape of the current brand of the Fernanda Cappello estate.
The Magredi StonesThe Magredi StonesThe Magredi StonesThe Magredi StonesThe Magredi Stones