The Microclimate
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The Microclimate
The area's climate is of the sub-continental type, with an average annual temperature of around 13°C, with a break in January and July between 3°C and 24°C (source: ERSA).

As far as rain is concerned, the average rainfall is around 1,600 mm: relative humidity is constant at around 70% all year.

The climatic index (Huglin index), a particularly useful way of understanding if the area is good for cultivating vines, is similar to that of the wine-growing areas of the Napa Valley (USA), of Languedoc and Bordeaux (France) and Valpolicella and Trentino (Italy), showing some significant individual aspects.

The breeze which comes down from Val Tramontina keeps the climate dry the whole year, caressing the vines as they grow and helping the ground breathe. Where the Fernanda Cappello estate finds the daily inspiration to lovingly grow the vines is thus a favoured place on the one hand, but on the other is harsh.
The MicroclimateThe MicroclimateThe MicroclimateThe Microclimate