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Chardonnay Friuli DOC Grave
It was possible to trace the origin of Chardonnay through the analysis of nuclear DNA microsatellite markers. This vine surely comes from a cross between Pinot Nero and white Gouais.
Its remote origin is the Dalmatia from where it was brought to France by the Roman legions led by Probus. The Chardonnay grape has found his favourite residence in Burgundy, in Bordeaux (Graves) and in Champagne.
In Italy its introduction dates back in the late 800 in Trentino, with the name of Pinot-Chardonnay, thanks to the Austrian government through the Agricultural Institute of San Michele.
The subsequent diffusion of this grape variety in Trentino and in part of Friuli was the result of the intuition and knowledge of the European wine production of Giulio Ferrari who, in his dual capacity as a nurseryman and producer of sparkling wines, had understood the potential qualities of Chardonnay.
The first implants of a certain size were made in Sorni di Lavis and around Trento in the mid 20s.
Tasting Notes
At the sight it has a very intense straw yellow colour.
Approaching it to the nose it reveals a wide range of delicate flavours, but persistent; buttery aromas, scents of apple, acacia flowers, fresh bread crust. In the end we perceive toasty and vanilla notes.
To the palate is fresh, mineral and savoury. All the aromas perceived by the sense of smell are confirmed in the taste analysis, giving a velvety, soft, round and full sensation. Very persistent with a finish of sweet vanilla, given by the small percentage of wine that has been aged in wooden barrels.
Chardonnay Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
It is the most international of the wines for his pleasure and for its wide possibilities of combinations.
For its freshness this wine is a perfect match for appetizers, especially based on fish.
In the first courses it is recommended for soups based on vegetables, especially if they contain fish, such as a velvet sauce of zucchini or chickpeas with prawns, fish soup, couscous with fish, seafood risotto, risotto with artichokes, pasta with vegetables.
In the second courses, because of its cleaning properties of the palate, fish, chicken or pork dishes are fine, especially when accompanied with cream sauces, while basic sauces with tomato don’t go absolutely well because the sharp acidity of the tomato contrasts too much with the buttery characteristic of Chardonnay.