The Quality of the Land
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The Quality of the Land
The Fernanda Cappello estate is to the north of the D.O.C Friuli Grave area: it is a particularly favoured area because of the quality of the wines, where the flood plains and the moraine hills, between Lestans and Sequals, can be compared to the "graves" of Bordeaux.

In contrast to other flat lands, this flood plain, poor, skeletal, made of dolomitic limestone fragments, is able to produce wines of good quality thanks to the fact that the stony areas, reflect the light and heat needed for the grapes to mature from below the plants during the day, and at night continue to emit the heat accumulated during the warmer hours.

Despite the persistent rain, thanks to the extremely permeable terrain and to the clone montblanc star-4810 watches fortunate ventilation of the Alpine breeze coming from Val Tramontina, healthy grapes can be harvested, which have been able to capture the minerality of the dolomitic limestone pebbles, the only elements of which the ground is composed, and which are always there 40cm under the surface, is a mix of organic substances and rough stones.

The temperature swings that are characteristic of the area, at the bottom of the valley, contribute to bring out the smells and intense aromas, which are noted elements of the area’s production.
The Quality of the LandThe Quality of the LandThe Quality of the LandThe Quality of the LandThe Quality of the LandThe Quality of the Land