The look of the landscape
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The look of the landscape
A panoramic view on a clear day shows a broad landscape with a prevailing natural feel, characterised by mountainside villages, never at over 1,200 metres, and other views where the atmosphere is less sweet, and harsher.

The principal valleys which intersperse the hills and mountains take their name from the rivers and the streams which go through them and run down the foothills towards the south, with their waters and long pebbled shores, into which they sink to create a large, subterranean hydrographic basin, to then reappear in the middle of the province in the form of rivers of various sizes. Within this area, marked by the hydrographic basins of the Arzino, Cosa and Meduna streams, the foothills area can be made out, which consists of the strip where the flat and sloping parts of the area meet, from the town of Pinzano to Meduno, and the hilly, mountain foothill area which includes the municipality of Castelnovo del Friuli and part of the municipalities of Pinzano and Travesio. Further on is the Valcellina, in the most-westerly area of the Carnic Pre-Alps, which in the north is characterised by rough limestone and dolomite mountainous chains, and in the south by a wild, narrow gorge.

A large part of the area falls within the "Natural Park of the Friuli Dolomites", part of the great natural heritage of the Pordenone mountains which linked to part of the Carnia, recently recognized by UNESCO, together with the Veneto Dolomites, as a World Heritage Site. It is a treasure trove of history, natural beauty, traditions, culture and social and commercial activity, which holds one of the most genuine inheritances yet to be discovered, and which - at the same time - should be preserved.
The look of the landscapeThe look of the landscapeThe look of the landscapeThe look of the landscape