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Chardonnay Friuli DOC Grave "selezione"
For our "Selezione" (Selection) we selected the best Chardonnay grapes from the oldest vineyard of the company: we harvested them in the early hours of the morning and we made a maceration of about 24 hours at 10 ° C in order to extract all the aromatic components and all the substances necessary to give substance and structure to the wine. After the pressing, the flower must underwent a fermentation of 20 days at about 16 ° C and then aged in 5 hl French oak barrels for about 6 months, in order to obtain a final product more complex (not woody), velvety, soft, structured, and to increase its aging capacity.
Tasting Notes
At the sight it has a very intense straw yellow colour with golden reflections.
Approaching it to the nose is much more complex: at first sight we perceive vanilla notes, typical of aging in wood. Afterwards a remarkable range of descriptors comes out: buttery aromas, crust of bread, dried fruit, apple, yellow peach, slightly citrus, dried flowers, aromatic herbs, spices, liquorice, mineral, balsamic, toasted.
To the palate it is velvety, smooth, round, but very energetic and structured, confirming the olfactory analysis. Its equilibrium is characterized by a good acidity and a fresh flavour.
Its aromatic quality delights the palate for a long time. The wood of the cask is well balanced.
Chardonnay Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
It is a perfect match for dishes with sweet and fat tendency, for soft or semi-soft cheeses, especially Taleggio or Gorgonzola, even mature, because it balances the taste with its acidity and flavour. Its softness is expressed by balancing bitter greens.
Therefore it is ideal with main courses, such as lasagne with thistles and Taleggio, but also with fish-based sauces.