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Primo Traminer Friuli DOC Grave
Created to express a strong and recognizable character, a new and original expression of the land: for a wine with these characteristics, the name of the biggest and most famous character of our community has been assigned, Primo Carnera.
Result of Aromatic Traminer grapes, harvested in the early hours of the morning to avoid the heat of the sun ruining the primary aromas, Primo has followed a complex and meticulous process. A maceration of 24 hours at 10 ° C in order to extract all the potential aroma and taste: the pressing of the grapes and the fermentation, of the flower must only, in steel containers at a temperature of about 16 ° C and then the passage in 5 hl wooden barrels to complete fermentation, keeping it shaken for 6 months. The choice of wood is not random: new casks with slats coming from the French region of Allier, matured for 24 months, very big and heavy to ensure a slow exchange of oxygen so as not to affect the aromatic components.
Tasting Notes
At the sight it has a very intense straw yellow colour with golden reflections.
To the nose it is much more complex: at first sight we perceive immediately citrus notes, dried fruit, candied fruit, dates, honey and mature flowers, aromatic herbs, spices, anise, vanilla, exotic woods, mineral, balsamic and toasted. To the palate it is velvety, smooth, round, "explosive" and structured, confirming the olfactory analysis. Its equilibrium is characterized by a good acidity and a fresh flavour, persistent. The wood of the cask does not cover, but only refines this wine that, champion as it is, present itself as a number "Primo" (the First).
Primo Traminer Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
It is an excellent aperitif. Its structure and natural softness makes it especially suitable for difficult combinations with bitter tendency as casseroles and risotto with artichokes and truffle, liver dishes, cheese with intense flavours and blue cheeses, shellfish, nut or almond cake, cantucci biscuits. But it is also excellent as a sipping wine in a pleasant conversation.