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Pinot Grigio Friuli DOC Grave
The grape came to Friuli from France over a hundred years ago, and derives from a German mutation of the pinot nero. It has found its ideal habitat in our region. Its grapes can give us emotions which are recognised and appreciated throughout the world. Pinot grigio is today the most cultivated variety in Friuli, so much so that, after due consideration, it has earned the name "prince of Friuli".
Tasting Notes
In the glass, our Pinot Grigio, with its straw-yellow tones touched with copper tones which recall the colour of its grapes, very unique and individual; its fluidity in the glass shows it is an important wine, with good consistency.
When brought to the nose, it gives off apple, ripe melon, powder and toast smells, which make it inviting to taste. We find it savoury and compact on the palate: it never leaves us without a moment of breaking, the olfactory notes which recur on the palate give us a very pleasurable fresh feeling and make us understand further, if it were needed, the great substance of this wine of our land.
Pinot Grigio  Friuli DOC Grave
When to drink
A wine that can be drunk in the most varied of pleasant settings. Pinot Grigio is in its element sharing the table with shellfish au gratin, fish soups and "fat" cooked fish, or stewed fish.